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Présentation entreprise : 

We are looking for a Senior Treasurer to optimize and secure the company's cash flow, in accordance with the financial policy and regulations (financial, accounting and commercial).


Contexte et mission : 

2. MISSION AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Senior Treasurer will report directly to the Group Finance Director. He/she will :

• Participate in the development and/or updating of the accounting procedures manual in collaboration with the relevant departments ;

• Develop the cash flow plan ;

• Monitor cash flow on a day-to-day basis ;

• Ensure the optimization of the cash flow ;

• Monitor and compare the evolution of banking conditions on a monthly basis ;

• Efficiently manage payroll and tax returns ;

• Effectively manage cash flows (monitoring of cash receipts and disbursements) ;

• Interact with banking partners and anticipate any eventuality of tense flows ;

• Prepare treatments related to the payment of salaries (over 2000 agents) ;

• Prepare and make the various tax payments on time ;

• Carry out collections in relation to accounting ;

• Pay supplier invoices once validated ;

• Participate in the preparation of management reports ;

• Analyze the intermediate management balances ;

• Maintain the cash flow statement ;

• Participate in the execution of activities in accordance with management procedures ;

• Participate in the preparation of financial statements for the fiscal year ;

• Evaluate incoming and outgoing financial flows of the structure and define the procedures for processing and securing them;

• Draw up the cash flow budget according to the company's accounting and financial elements and the history of its activity ;

• Establish the cash flow forecast in compliance with the financial ratios of indebtedness, solvency and working capital ;

• Determine the financing needs or the financial availability of the structure and implement the appropriate actions (line of credit, investment, etc.);

• Evaluate and control the entire cash flow value chain in order to ensure its security ;

• Detect the financial fragility of the structure and issue management recommendations ;

• Manage the main cash flow.



• Degree from a business school or university specialized in economics, finance, business or management, or any other equivalent degree ;

• Proven experience of 10 to 15 years as a Senior Treasurer, Treasurer Manager, Finance Director in an accounting firm, a banking institution, a trust company, the Finance department of a multinational company, etc. with a large financial flow and a payroll of more than 2000 agents ;

• Strong experience in managing large cash flows ($1,000,000/month) ;

• Thorough understanding of financial management procedures ;

• Good knowledge of SYSCOHADA ;

• Experience in inflationary economies would be an asset ;

• Previous experience in a multi-currency environment would also be an asset.


Profil recherché : 

4. KILLS AND KNOWLEDGE The skills and knowledge identified for the successful performance of the position include:

• Theoretical knowledge

• Mastery of financial management techniques

• Mastery of general and analytical accounting techniques

• Mastery of tax and legal techniques would be an asset

• Mastery of management control techniques

• Good knowledge of SYSCOHADA Revised

• Mastery of specific software

• Mastery of the Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

• Good knowledge of French (written/oral)

• Professional English (written/oral) Technical skills

• Manage cash flow

• Develop a budget

• Maintain an accounting system

• Carry out the bank reconciliation statement

• Draw up an operating account

• Follow up banking and accounting operations

• Interpret intermediate management balances

• Draw up financial statements

• Write a financing request

• Draw up a financing plan

• Carry out a financial diagnosis

• Define and implement a methodology adapted to the resolution of problems Soft skills

• Be organized and methodical

• Demonstrate resistance to stress

• Be very rigorous

• Be calm and collected

• Have a sense of confidentiality

• Demonstrate a high level of integrity

• Have a strong team spirit

• Have a sense of anticipation



The position is open to all nationalities. Applications from French-speaking Africa are strongly encouraged. The application will be composed of:

• A detailed Curriculum Vitae in French and/or English;

• A letter of motivation in French and/or English;

• 3 contacts of references, (professional phone numbers and professional email addresses to be contacted to attest).

• Deadline 30/ 04/2023

• Only selected candidates will be contacted.

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