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Policy, Advocacy and Partnership Advisor


DRC, Kinshasa

The Policy Advisor provides technical support for policy and advocacy initiatives to strengthen access to safe abortion care and services and contraception. The purpose of the position is to support Ipas' work in DRC at the country level with stakeholders and policy makers to promote and safeguard women's access to abortion care and contraception.

The Policy Advisor also takes the lead in implementing and communicating strategies to improve the environment to support women's reproductive rights, with a particular focus on abortion care and contraceptive services.

Key Responsabilities

  • Participates in the planning of policy and advocacy activities and the development of related budgets, tracks and monitors policy activities, projects results, and follows up on some minor allocations
  • In coordination with other program staff, and as needed, supports policy and advocacy activities and provides technical assistance to the International Policy Unit and in-country policy and advocacy activities
  • In the role of supporting the Country Director, establishes and maintains relationships with government officials and other regional and local organizations in support of the Ipas mission, assists in the coordination of advocacy seminars, and provides resources and technical information as needed.
  • Helps promote and support coalition building and networking strategies to promote access to safe abortion and reduce social stigma and persistent barriers
  • Supports fundraising initiatives for policy and advocacy activities by contributing to donor proposals and reviewing donor reports
  • Researches information for the drafting of white papers and policy and advocacy documents designed to influence policy and improve access to abortion care and services
  • Audits and monitors existing networks and partnerships of organizations and institutions while seeking to identify new networks and partners in order to advance the mission of Ipas and promote an enabling environment for safe abortion care.
  • May be called upon to represent the organization at various local, national and international meetings to ensure that Ipas objectives are included in the agenda for discussion
  • Performs any other duties as assigned

Ipas s’est fermement engagée à offrir un environnement de travail exempt de toute forme de harcèlement, de discrimination et d’iniquité. Nous recrutons, employons, formons, promouvons et rémunérons notre personnel sans égard à l’origine ethnique, l’âge, le sexe, la religion, l’origine nationale, la couleur, la religion, l’ascendance, la nationalité, caste, origine ethnique, identité régionale, identité tribale, l’état matrimonial, au statut d’ancien combattant, au service militaire, au handicap, à l’information génétique, l’identité de genre, l’expression de genre, au statut de transgenre, à l’orientation sexuelle ou toute autre caractéristique personnelle protégée par la loi ou définie par la politique d’Ipas. Ipas reconnaît que ces caractéristiques personnelles peuvent différer selon les contextes.

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